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How To: Hand Knot Pearls


How To: Hand Knot Pearls




Whether you’re having Breakfast at Tiffany’s, graduating college, or taking that walk down the aisle, a hand knotted pearl necklace is classic piece of jewelry no woman should be without. The retail price of such a piece can keep a genuine pearl hand knotted necklace out of many jewelry boxes. Today I will show you how to hand knot your own pearls using a few easily purchased components! This skill takes time and practice to master, but it is well worth the effort. Hand knotting pearls helps preserve the pearls beautiful luster, and is the most durable method of stringing pearls. Hand knotted pearls make for excellent gifts for several occasions. Also it will save you a ton of money in jewelry repairs.

Needed supplies for how to restring pearls:

1. Beading wire--will be made into a needle or a purchased beading needle (already attached on the silk thread on the card)

2. Silk Card

3. Pearls

4. Clasp

5. GS Hypo Cement


These material can be found at your local bead shop. If you’re in New York, come to our shop, we have these materials readily available. Links to my bead shop reviews of these stores will provide locations and contact information.

Ok, let's get started: (Make sure your hands are squeaky clean).

1. Cut a length of thread maybe 4-5 times the length of your present necklace.

2. Cut a piece of beading wire about 6 inches long, fold in half and cut the ends at an angle, making sort of a point.

3. Place the silk thread between the bent wire-needle. Your "needle" is now threaded.

4. String the entire group of pearls onto this single silk thread using the wire-needle.The thread should be single and not double through the pearls at this point.

5. Tie one end of the clasp onto the silk thread and send the wire-needle back through the last pearl, heading in the opposite direction from the clasp.

6. After sending the needle and thread back through the last pearl, tie a knot with the free end of thread around the thread already in the pearls.

7. Continue back through the pearls, one by one, with the wire-needle and thread, tying a knot behind each pearl as you go.

8. If wire-needle becomes dull, simple cut it again at an angle to sharpen up the point.

9. When complete...tie on the remaining clasp section.

10. Use GS Hypo Cement and precisely glue last knot before clasp on each side.

I hope you find this post helpful:)