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Fresh Water Pearls

If you are looking for pearls that will last a lifetime and yet fall under an affordable price range, you have come to the right spot. From untouched varieties in their natural shapes, dyed in black, and hues of cocoa to the rare twisted shapes that occur naturally in fresh water pearls, we have all of them covered under this section.

You can pick strings of teardrop pearls, dipped in radiant blues or go for the gold painted kinds that we have put together in the fresh water pearls for wholesale category. Our collection of shapes is truly versatile because of rectangular and potato-styles along with the rice and button forms that you can find loose and strung, the way you like it. And apart from the many shapes and sizes that are available here, this is also the best platform when you are looking for colorful fresh water pearls online. The options include green, red, gray, peach, natural pink and even purple.