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Loose Pearls

It takes painstaking care to harvest one of the most beautiful, yet mysteriously born creations of nature. We, at Genuine, bring together these beauties in not just their most recognized shades of white and cream, but also the rare blacks and sea-green variants. In addition, this is one platform that apart from the usual little spheres, offers the amazing potato-shaped, tear drops and semi round loose pearls for wholesale in USA.

Starting from the no-hole, star shaped freshwater pearls that are available for $5.00, our collection includes cultured pearl necklaces and strings in natural whites and grays. We also have brown dyed and natural pale peach colored button shaped pearls strung together. And if you want more options, you can choose the gold, blue or flat gray irregular shapes.
You can explore a good variety that includes loose pearls for wholesale, ready made pearl jewelry, different shades and tints and even several shapes and sizes.