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Explore a treasure trove of gemstones right here!

If you have a thing for sparkling crystals and naturally beautiful unusual shapes, this is going to be your favorite section on Genuine.
We offer layers of strung Amethysts, strings of Andelusite, Amber, Amazonite, Angelite, Aquamarine, Garnet, Spinel, Shell, Topaz, Carnelian and all that you can think of. Our mala jewelry section is dedicated to the said variety of valuables that come in rows, tied together into strings so that you can wear them the way you want or separate the mala beads if you need.
What’s more? The beads on the strings are available in every shape under the sun - you not only get to buy the classic roundels and spheres but also the more contemporary cubes, double pointed nuggets, flat teardrops, ovals and many more. When it comes to color, the same applies and it’s all the natural shades of the particular gemstone you choose.